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Friday, August 08, 2008

Fish Food

I've decided to revive this blog.

I dropped it for a while because I was putting my energies into an email newsletter for Pacific Island fisheries departments instead. However, no reason why I shouldn't keep up the personal musings as well.

Just to get back into the swing of things I'll re-post some of the raw fish recipes that I put up on the SPC website a few years ago. I had to take these down when the website became heavily institutionalised, striving towards a common "look and feel" for every page.

In the early days, when we started it off, it depended on personal commitment and input, but my early pages were deemed too unprofessional to be kept on the corporate site. Some of them even contained humour - extremely unprofessional! So, even though it was garnering more hits that anything else, I took a lot of this non-corporate stuff off and put it on a personal site.

After a long lay-off I looked at this again recently and found that it wasn't getting any hits at all. Google had stopped cataloguing it (those of you with free (Yahoo) Geocities sites might want to check this out). But in searching for certain of my phrases I found that some other sites had copied my text, with the addition of one or two words. How dare they plagiarise what I had so carefully plagiarised myself from cookbooks and old papers!

Anyway, over the next few blogs I'll repost all these recipes.

The theme is RAW FISH. With the rise in popularity of sushi and sashimi, the phrase "raw fish" is no longer as worrying to western palates as once it was. But it may still be difficult to find out much about how to prepare it, particularly the many variations of citrus-marinated fish that grace tables in Pacific and Caribbean Island countries.

One final note:- when choosing fish to be presented raw, or "semi-cooked", it is usually safest to choose pelagic or midwater fish. It's not a hard and fast rule, but fish that live on the seafloor are more likely to harbour parasites than fish that spend most of their time nearer the surface.


  1. Duhhh

    I just looked again and see that the recipes on my old personal site DO appear on a google search.

    Also, there's a lot of other raw fish recipes online nowadays, so this series of blogs may be entirely redundant.

    Whatever. It will get me back into the swing of things, and I can go back and delete the Geocities site afterwards.
    P.S. Is there anything more sad than someone posting comments on their own blog?

  2. there's a lot of other raw fish recipes online nowadays, so this series of blogs may be entirely redundant.
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