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Thursday, April 05, 2007

SPC Species identification manual

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community has just put a new manual on the website, on marine species identification for longline fishermen and observers.

There is some very nice artwork in here, and it cost us a fair amount to produce, so please give SPC credit if you "borrow" it. However, as long as you do not make money out of it, we are happy for this information to be used for educational and fisheries management purposes.

Apologies if it downloads slowly. New Caledonia-based servers have to squeeze their bits through a relatively small pipe.


  1. Just jumped from here to the SPC page - and I was absolutely stunned by the amount of material you provide there. Grrreat. You'll have provided reading material for me for a while. Is the material only available online or also in book form?

    Thanks, mahalo & merci beaucoup
    Stefan T.

  2. Most of the documents are also available in paper form, but the reason SPC put them out on the web is so people outside SPC's "target countries" (developing Pacific island members of SPC) could get them for free. Paper and shipping costs money.

    Try getting in touch with the SPC Fisheries information section, if you're feeling rich (unless of course you're inside the SPC work-area). jeanpaulg@spc.int should be able to advise you.

  3. Thanks. I neither am nor do I feel rich, but I am a fan of reading good old paper books in an armchair. So it depends on the price. For information and education alone the electronic versions are fine, of course.

    Stefan T.